How It Works

What is Ecoskim Retrofit?

Ecoskim is an innovative pool cleaning device produced in Australia by Australians for Australian conditions. Only the highest quality uv stable plastics available are used in its manufacture. Pool owners can count on many years of trouble-free service from this product and be further assured by the 2 year guarantee.

Ecoskim was invented and developed by Brisbane based friends Paul DeGroot and Mark Davies. Paul has background in pool and landscape installation whilst Mark is the owner/director of an Acacia Ridge based engineering company Metalmark Pty Ltd. The idea was born in direct response to the South East Queensland water shortage and complaints from their pool owning friends who were looking for a drought friendly pool product as an alternative to the pool blanket.

Ecoskim is connected by a flexible hose directly into the suction side of the pools filtration system. As it is a floating device, it is self-leveling and will continue to operate regardless of the water level of the swimming pool down to 350 mm below coping (or top edge). As the pool water is drawn through the device, the floating component finds a differential between the pools and Ecoskim water levels thus creating a weir effect that very effectively skims the floating debris from the pool surface.


  • Reduces or eliminates the need to top-up your pool
  • Significantly reduces pool maintenance
  • Is a more effective pool cleaning system
  • Works in conjunction with other water saving devices
  • Is environmentally friendly
  • Is visually appealing

Reduces or eliminates the need to top-up your pool!

In some areas of South East Queensland Ecoskim will completely eliminate the need to top-up swimming pools with town water. The water level can be allowed to drop up to 350mm during the drier winter season and then in most cases it will be topped up with summer rain in time for swimming season.

In more drought-affected areas the same result can be achieved by using Ecoskim in conjunction with any or all other water saving devices, such as down-pipe diverters, pool blankets and rainwater tanks.

Significantly reduces pool maintenance

Because Ecoskim is a single installation device, once it is fitted its benefits are maintenance free – set it and forget it!
As surface debris is removed more quickly it is less likely to settle on the bottom of the pool and encourage bacteria. This means that shorter cleaning cycles and less chemicals will be required to achieve the same effect.
The Ecoskim has a large capacity leaf basket which requires emptying less frequently than standard baskets.
Because the pool is being effectively cleaned at a much wider range of water levels the pool does no longer needs to be constantly monitored. This system is particularly beneficial to pool owners when away from home or on holidays.

A more effective pool cleaning system

Ecoskim is designed to work either as a stand-alone device or in conjunction with existing automatic pool cleaners (e.g. Barracuda / Creepy Crawly). During trials the team discovered that the Ecoskim removed surface debris very effectively while operating with automatic floor cleaners. This was due to the use of the patented self-levelling component and flow biasing valve which maximizes use of all available flow. In the past the only way to achieve this dual action was to install two skimmer boxes, one dedicated to skimming and the other to floor cleaning. To date, the Ecoskim team has been unable to find another system that skims effectively during the use of the automatic floor cleaner.

Works in conjunction with other water saving devices

Pool owners that already use other water saving devices such as rainwater tanks, down-pipe diverters and pool blankets will enjoy increased savings and flexibility with the use of Ecoskim.

Environmentally friendly

Because Ecoskim is a more effective pool cleaning system, pool owners should find that it will require less power, water and chemicals.

Visually Appealing

Ecoskim has a streamlined, aesthetically pleasing design that is 800mm high x 420mm wide. It fits just under the coping and covers the existing skimmer box opening. It comes an appealing off-white colour which it is considered will suit most pools, however other colours may be able to be supplied on demand.