Can I use Ecoskim in an Above Ground Pool?

Yes if you have a standard skimmer box and filter system

Can we get a rebate on Ecoskim?

We are currently in negotiation with the Queensland Government WaterWise Rebate scheme but cannot say what the outcome will be at this early stage.

I already use a pool cover, can I still use an Ecoskim and why would I?

Yes Ecoskim can be used under a pool cover.  Using both products together will increase your water savings by increasing the time between pool top ups.  Also if you have both products, even when the cover is off you will still have Ecoskim working to save you water all year round.

If we are not confident about installing Ecoskim or don’t have the time to, who can we get to help?

Your local Handyman or pool maintenance man will have no difficulties installing Ecoskim Retrofit for you.  To get an approximate of what this might cost you. I asked our local handyman who quoted me a $50.00 fee. That said Ecoskim does comes packaged with a How to Install DVD and written instructions.

We live out west and get very infrequent rainfall, will Ecoskim still save us water?

Yes it will because Ecoskim allows your pool to still be skimmed efficiently, even when your pool water level falls as low as 350mm under the edge.  Also because Ecoskim allows your pool to still skim efficiently even when it is full to the top it allows you to store any summer storm downpours in your pool to be used during the drier periods.  This is why it is sometimes referred to as a virtual rainwater tank allowing the average size pool to store up to 14,000 litres of water!

What is better for water saving a Pool Cover or Ecoskim?

Both products will save you water in different ways.  Pool covers substantially decrease the amount of water that is evaporated by wind and sun from your pool BUT ONLY WHEN THE COVER IS ON THE POOL.  ECOSKIM WORKS 24 HOURS A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK once it is installed. It saves water because you do not need to top up your pool as often to ensure the skimmer and filter continue to work. Other things to consider if you are choosing between Ecoskim and a pool cover is ease of use, durability and how often the product will actually be used.