Since installing the Ecoskim in 2008, our pool has never looked better. We have eliminated the need to top up with town water so maintenance is easy. Once, when the solar heating system sprang a leak, the Ecoskim saved the main pump from drying out, potentially saving hundreds of dollars. What a great product!

~ Sandra, Brisbane

Our family has been very happy with our Ecoskim. It has been in our pool for the last 6 months and has made life so much easier! No more checking to make sure we have enough water to cover the skimmer box so the pump works which when we were busy was often overlooked. It doesn’t matter what level it is at and therefore there is no 3am dashes to turn the pump off from making that awful noise that most pool owners are familiar with. We feel we are doing our small bit for the environment by saving water as topping up the pool is now a thing of the past and saving us money at the same time by not having to pay extra water rates. The pool has never looked cleaner and the surface always remains pristine. We have been extremely happy with the service and support provided by the company and would be happy to recommend Ecoskim to any potential or present pool owner. It makes caring for your pool easier so you can spend time more time enjoying it instead.

~ The Young Family, Brisbane

To the makers of Ecoskim.
I just wanted to let you know how much of a difference Ecoskim has made to my pool, and more importantly my budget. Before I had an Ecoskim my pool seemed to forever need topping up. I'd put it off as long as possible and pray for heavy rain, but once the water level got under the skimmer box inlet, the choice is either stop filtering the pool and allow it to become a mosquito infested swamp, or top it up. So the hose would make a surreptitious appearance, and my water bill would suffer the consequences. 
Since installing Ecoskim around 18 months ago, I have not had to top my pool up at all (except the time I dumped about a quarter of the water out by turning the pump tap the wrong way whilst cleaning it, and the eco saved my pump! but that's a different story). The extra flexibility to let the water level get lower has allowed me to wait out the long periods between the big rain downpours needed to bring the level up again. What's more, on the rare occasion we had too much rain, I was able to leave the pool completely full and not have to dump water in order to achieve effective skimming. And of course this means I've got a longer period available to me before the water level is too low again. Great stuff! It's a brilliant invention, and I can't imagine why the government has not made them compulsory as part of their water saving initiatives. 
Thanks once again from a very happy customer. 
~ Derek, Shailer Park